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Restaurant – Gallery

The house number 38 Calle Cristo, known as Los Conspiradores, is one of the most picturesque exponents of the city of Trinidad. Remarkable not only for its privileged position in the historic center of the town, but also for its architectural appeal and participation in local history.

In the majestic surroundings of the Plaza Mayor, this building is surprisingly charming simplicity, its main attraction lies in its corner balcony, which was formerly a shop on two floors and now houses the restaurant – gallery Conspirators.

Since the beginning of the eighteenth century there is a modest housing as construction of mud and thatched roof. Towards the end of that century, it was acquired by Alderman Don Tomas Hernandez Rivera and Cala, who rebuilt with masonry and tiles to achieve the look it has today.

It’s called “conspirators” because it served as a meeting place to the Trinidadians members of the Conspiracy of the Mine de la Rosa Cubana in 1848. In the 70s and 80s was popularly known as “the balcony of Esther Borja”, being scene of several presentations of this Cuban singer during Weeks of Trinitarian Culture.

In 2006, the local artist Yami Martínez installed here his Studio – Gallery. Since then, he is also known as the House of coffee, because the sculptures exposed.


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